Great Kitchen Appliances for 2018

Some Of The Best Kitchen Appliances On The Net

Kitchen appliances tend to remain (at least at their core) pretty much the same year in and year out, but every now and again there are design innovations that markedly improve the functions and aesthetics of the appliances we use in our kitchen.

Here are some of those that are now available for sale from a variety of online retailers.

1. Vacuum Blenders.

Blenders are much of a muchness but 2017 has seen a new innovation – vacuum blenders which let users remove air from things like smoothies. this leads to increased nutritional value and prevents oxidisation. A great product at a great price is the Best Aid Personal Vacuum Blender, available from Amazon – best small household appliances online 2018.

2. Semi-conductor Ovens.

There has been a lot of talk about how semi-conductor ovens could soon replace the venerable microwave. Instead of using microwaves these ovens use radio waves. They’re only available from manufacturers like Miele as very high-end models for the most exacting of chefs – but they will get cheaper. They can be ordered online from the manufacturers.

3. Smart Appliances.

Smart appliances have been around for a while – but there are some new innovations which now bring functionality and usefulness to a class of appliances that have disappointed in the past.

For instance, the Perfect Drink Pro which uses a smartphone app which connects to the appliance and lets you know when you are using the correct amounts of the ingredients required to mix a cocktail. Well, known barbecue manufacturer Webber has revealed its smart kitchen thermometer which uses Bluetooth connectivity so that you can relax and let the appliance let you know when that perfect temperature has been reached.All of these devices work with smartwatches, and we recommend you look up best GPS watches for golf online 2018 to see what can be done at home when you’re on the golf course.

Both of these smart products are available from Amazon and other online stores – just in time for the festive season gift purchasing rush.