Good Times In Ireland

Ireland – Living Up To It’s Reputation

The Irish have a great reputation all over the world for being a fun-loving, friendly easy to get a long with society of people, that are welcoming and understanding of other people and cultures.  As a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and with the colonially minded English as our neighbour, we know a lot about what makes the world tick, and how important is to get along with just about everyone.

In the Irish Guide we’re seeking to provide a one-stop shop where you can get advice and recommendations on a wide range of the unknowns typically faced by visitors to Ireland like – do you tip, or how should I expect to pay for a taxi into the centre of Dublin, to what days are busiest in the local pubs of Ireland.

If its important, you can rest assured that we will be doing our very best to bring you that information, and thanks for visiting our blog.